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Zaprotestuj przeciwko dyskryminacji katolickiego kandydata do Komisji Europejskiej!

Posted by Marucha w dniu 2012-11-16 (Piątek)

Tonio Borg

Tonio Borg to katolicki polityk z Malty, który może objąć stanowisko w Komisji Europejskiej. Dominujące w strukturach UE lobby homoseksualne kwestionuje jego kandydaturę na komisarza UE ds. zdrowia. Powodem sprzeciwu są osobiste poglądy maltańskiego polityka. Dołączamy do akcji mailowej w jego obronie.

Lewicowym aktywistom nie przeszkadza, że domagają się pogwałcenia zasadniczych praw sumienia, wyznania i wyrażania poglądów, oczekując dyskryminacji przy obsadzaniu urzędów. Kryterium „merytorycznej” oceny kwalifikacji jest stosunek do aborcji i żądań ruchu LGBT.

Lobbyści nie wahają się określać chrześcijańskich wartości jako sprzecznych z „wartościami europejskimi”!

Wyraźmy swoje oburzenie! Wesprzyjmy katolickiego polityka!

Wystarczy, że wyślemy e-maila z listem protestacyjnym do unijnych urzędników. Poniżej publikujemy przykładowy list w obronie katolickiego polityka – wersję polską i angielską.

Pierwszą prosimy wysyłać do polskich europosłów, drugą do pozostałych. Adresy e-mail europosłów – członków trzech komisji Parlamentu Europejskiego, opiniujących kandydaturę Toniego Borga, zamieściliśmy pod listami.

Wzory listów (w jęz. polskim i angielskim) oraz spis adresów europosłów na stronie:

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  1. Kronikarz said

    ; – )

  2. 25godzina said


  3. marta15 said

    bardzo dobry artykul. wart przetlumaczenia
    „……The Church is being used

    The one-world religion or „fellowship of faiths” is essential to the „cultural unity of mankind.” [64] It is Blavatsky’s „wisdom religion,” the syncretistic blend of paganism and Christianity similar to the „universal religion” promoted by Masonry to effect Universal Brotherhood, and acknowledged by its proponents as subversive of the national interest.[65] Bishops preaching a „more just and fraternal world” rather than the Kingdom of God makes credible Bailey’s claims that the two main channels through which NA preparations are going on are the Church and Freemasonry; and the „Church Universal,” a union of occultism, Masonry and Christianity (the mystical body of Satan?), „will appear towards the close of the century.” [66]

    Syncretism, the „celebration of the oneness of all existence,” is pantheism. It preaches the need for internal transformation (through Eastern/occult meditation) prior to social change. This is seen as the way to peace, perhaps because spreading mysticism will supposedly bring about a unifying global consciousness or one­world brain.[67] This is the pantheistic heresy of monopsychism, meaning one soul or mind for all men, that leaves no room for personal responsibility [68] Hindu transcendental meditation (TM) and yoga have long been popular in the West, but the occult techniques of guided imagery and visualization are now used widely in businesses, schools, on retreats, and in RENEW.[69]

    New Agers, rejoice that, through brain­washing workshops and seminars, they have recruited the Union — and International Union — of Superiors General, the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace, the Jesuits, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the National Association of Women Religious.[70] So heartened are they by their advance in the Church that they expect the Pope to promote the one-world religion at the UN, which hopefully will become the body of Christ! [71]

    Bailey stated that the third major channel for implementing NA goals is education.[72] „Global education,” also acknowledged as subversive, [73] is now part of the curriculum of most schools. The (American) National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) began in 1972 to develop global consciousness and a „planetary framework” for curricula, its conferences featuring New Agers and at least one occultist.[74] Other education networks are similarly oriented.[75]

    The ecological movement, which goes beyond rational concern about genuine ecological problems, is a fairly new NA tool. Seemingly spearheaded by the Club of Rome,[76] whose founder was a Planetary Citizen, its prophecies of disaster due to population growth and environmental misuse, though not scientific, have fuelled acceptance of global government as the only means to ensure our „survival.” Population reduction is considered vital to conserve resources. Since food is now a „natural resource,” anti-hunger programs have joined the ecological movement to back forced population control. [77] Environmentalism is now an industry (T-shirts, curricula, . . . ) and part of the pantheistic world religion. Contradicting Gen. 1:28, it teaches that man, an „organic” part of the universe, has neither superiority nor dominion over the rest of creation. The earth is living, our Mother, our God, and mining, mowing, plowing and ski runs are abuses. [78]

    Political change isn’t conversion

    Environmentalism is also a political platform, especially in Europe, [79] where it seems to be replacing Communism. But, as seen, Communism is also pantheistic; further, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Engels, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung were Satanists, the first three also being theosophists. [80] Stalin, Marx and Engels were Illuminati recruits.[81] Communism is thus a Masonic instrument, having the same goal: the establishment of the kingdom of Satan or the „universal social republic” by the fomenting of revolutions. It is thus intrinsically part of the NAM, and, being a world force, crucial to the internationalist effort.[82] Green parties are just the NA face of Communism…………..”

  4. marta15 said

    to Musi zostac przetlumaczone. Niesamowicie wazna wypowiedz warta rozpowszechniania.
    „……..It is well recognised in the country that the situation in Syria is a desirable development of our plan to create chaos and destruction in Middle Eastern Islamic Countries. Tens of thousands of people have died or are suffering, from cities like Aleppo to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

    All who claim to share our goals have, in our view, a responsibility to act together to fuel the bloodshed, and none more so than the members of the United Nations Security Council. On 30th August, later this month, the Security Council will meet again to discuss the crisis once more, under the auspices of the French Presidency of the Council. I of course hope, as always, that we, Russia, China, the United States and all the members of the Council can settle our differences and agree steps to advance the NATO agenda that Syria so desperately cries out for.

    The people of Syria cannot resist indefinitely. People are dying and are often trapped without food and shelter. They are at the mercy of an invading force of highly-paid cut-throats that is hunting down our opponents, which will show no qualms at turning its weapons against civilians or committing barbaric crimes to show we mean business.

    The Syrian people need to invite us in to take over their country, and today we are greatly increasing what we will do to put pressure on them.

    We have already trained over 60 murderers released from Libyan gaols to commit human rights violations and abuses and provided support for 100 Syrian citizens who are now on our payroll as spies and agents provocateurs.

    The Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, has announced the quadrupling of British narco-profits headed towards mercenary forces in Syria making the United Kingdom in financial and military terms the second largest official paymaster of the Syrian insurgency. We are also helping to provide food for tens of thousands of middle-class people, the families of Syrian citizens who have ……………….”

  5. marta15 said


    “..We are also helping to provide food for tens of thousands of middle-class people, the families of Syrian citizens who have ideologically embraced our cause and whom we are rehousing in safer areas whilst we prepare them to take on middle-management positions in the civil service of Free Syria.

    Both he and I have recently travelled to Israel to meet some of those displaced during and after the second world war. We have seen for ourselves the scale of the need and we’ve heard the horrific stories of survivors of the extermination camps, often having forced to watch relatives and beloved family pets gassed in front of their eyes.

    So now, in the absence of diplomatic progress, the United Kingdom will do much more. We will expand our support to the Syrian insurgency and continue to try and knock the heads together of the gang of squabbling patsies we are trying to get to form an internationally recognized FREe SYrian Government in Exile (FRESYGEX) – as per Mr Netanyahu’s Memorandum 666.III.b, with an extra £5 million for rocket launchers. This will help protect opposition groups, saboteurs and spies from some of the worst of the Syrian Junta’s retalions.

    We expect that our assistance will include trauma–inducing black-ops and non-battlefield bioweapons to be employed by agents circumventing regime control, and could include items such as psychotrauma kits, specialist assassination equipment, toxic micro-organisms, pain inducers, and water poisoning kits to reduce the people’s access to fresh water supplies.

    I have agreed in principle that our assistance to the insurgence will include communications equipment, to help political propaganda teams to overcome the regime’s communications blockade and ensure the desired spin gets to the MSM agencies. I cannot say anything, of course, that could risk identifying these people to the Junta or reveal the precise nature of all of that assistance. But our help is likely to include, for instance, mobile phones, satellite phones and radio equipment which can be used to warn agents spies and rebel battalions when our informants within the Junta tell us their position has been rumbled.

    We will help build local capacity among NATO-friendly Syrian doctors to create evidence of torture that can be used in future trials. We will provide more training to create documentation by Junta agencies of the use of Zyklon-B, using intensive interrogation techniques.

    I have also agreed in principle that our assistance should include life saving protective equipment for civilian volunteers aiding our death squads – this could for instance include defective body armour purchased from Israeli-controlled manufacturers in the US.

    Our assistance does not officially include lethal assistance to the armed factions and unruly gangs of thugs currently making up the military wing of the future Free Syrian Armed Forces, and we will of course be careful to whom we provide the practical help that I have mentioned.

    All the support we provide will be consistent with our own laws and values – power to the ruthless!

    It will be based on rigorous analysis and risk assessment, ensuring that we meet our stringent domestic and international obligations.

    But this is assistance that will help save lives, not abandon all Syrians to the mercy of the Junta.

    It will help people caught up in a terrible conflict.

    It will be delivered in coordination with NATO, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    It is the right thing to do, while not pausing for a second in our efforts to secure the united, robust diplomatic action which this crisis demands..”

  6. 25godzina said

    Z protestami mi się skojarzyło…

  7. marta15 said

    ten powyzszy artykul BARDZO DUZO wyjasnia z tego co sie obecnie dzieje. Wyjasnia tez dlaczego sekta watykanska tak dazy do tzw ekumenizmu ( w rzeczywistosci synkretyzmu) i czemu tez uzywa nader czesto zwrotow o laczeniu sie wszystkich w pokoju, solidaranosci, milosci , braterskim dialogu i tego typu gledzeniu babci w bambosz.

    “…….. Following the occult/Masonic practice of initiation, NA leaders have called for a “mass planetary Luciferic initiation” into the New Age.[33] Masonry is “the seat of initiation,” and Luciferic initiations are to be given by Masonic lodges and “revitalized” Christianity.[34] Is it coincidence that RENEW, a program for revitalizing the Church, uses Bailey’s terminology and promotes NA organizations and ideology?[35]

    The Luciferic initiation involves “accepting Lucifer’s gift of wholeness,” which “frees” him and us.[36] Now, Masonry holds the medieval Luciferian doctrine that Satan created the world, suffered “injustice” at the hands of a “despotic power,” and one day will recover his former glory.[37] Man frees himself from God’s “oppression” and joins the battle for Satan’s freedom by asserting the “centrality and sovereignty of the human person” through the doctrine of wholeness. This doctrine is the foundation of all NA beliefs and hence embracing it is one’s “initiation” into the new order in which man is god.[38]

    The heresy of pantheism, mixed with secular humanism, constitutes the doctrine of “wholeness.” First, since “whole” means “undivided,” “wholeness” conveys the pantheistic (and occult) belief that we are all one with everything, including nature. [39] Thus, we are told we are interdependent or interrelated, live in a global or planetary village, and must operate as members of a world community, rather than of a particular nation [40] — a seditious idea that sets the stage for world dictatorship.

    Since a dependent relationship is one occurring between unequals, following the natural law of supply and demand, inter­dependence implies a relationship between equals — the equality being enforced by “law” where necessary. [41] Since law already exists in all nations, the notion of global interdependence, which underlies the slogans rule of law and a world under law, hides a new reality — the totalitarianism of global law, which will be “the greatest tyranny in the history of mankind.” [42] This is not surprising, because the Judeo­Christian God and his kingdom of peace will be banished from an interdependent world, as man’s relationship with this God is one of dependence…………”

  8. jowram said

    Mszalik dla wszystkich udających się na obrzędy Mszy św. Wszechczasów

    “Gdybym miał do wyboru: posiąść na własność bibliotekę Muzeum Brytyjskiego, czy też jeden mszalik, wybrałbym mszalik.” — Stefan kard. Wyszyński, “Zapiski więzienne”

    Teksty modlitw Mszy św. w klasycznym rycie rzymskim dostępne są w wersji elektronicznej, w edycjach drukowanych, oraz w formie zapisu dźwiękowego i filmowego.

    Przygotowaliśmy “Krótkie wyjaśnienie obrzędów Mszy św. Wszechczasów”, które można wydrukować na dwóch stronach kartki A4 i zabrać do kościoła. Jest ono szczególnie przydatne dla osób, które pierwszy raz spotykają się z rytem klasycznym i potrzebują komentarza dla poszczególnych części Mszy św.

  9. RomanK said

    Za co zydzi nienawidza Kochanego Papieza Polaka:-))
    BO jeszcze sie taki nei urodzil..zeby wszystkim dogodzil:-))))

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